Cybercallshop Software

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First software form Comdif Telecom born in 2008
At first Cybercallshop was standalone system on
Debian computer, working with BRI card and SIP
Main advantage was ability to make avanced
LCR routing table with backup and can work
with or without internet connexion.

2009 version:
Include Wifi Hotspot system and Internet cafe
leasing system

First online multi-shop version
No more support for ISDN and Hotspot system
cause customers don't use them.
New embedded shop system point of sale

Server version is a success and is more and more
powerfull & easy to use.
It's the perfect standalone product for Operator
who need the best software and easy to use
He can setup new shop in five minuts, add credit
use any interco he whant change routing just
in some click.

Last servers include Payonline Atos and are
near to be a 100% auto cash machine !